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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Judy Robson Exploring Run For Lt. Governor

As a supporter of State Sen. Judy Robson, I of course was disappointed when she announced that she will not seek re-election to another term in the Wisconsin legislature. Now comes word she may be exploring a run for lieutenant Governor, according to the Beloit Daily News.
BDN Excerpt:
Wisconsin politics may not have heard the last of Judy Robson. The Democrat state senator from Beloit says she is considering a run for higher office — the post of lieutenant governor. Robson said she has not made up her mind, but confirmed she may seek the office.
There is no question Robson has the experience and integrity to do the job, and knows what it takes to stem the tide of slash and burn politics. She'd make an excellent Lt. Governor.

Plus, despite undeservedly poor treatment and GOP-machine attacks from the Janesville Gazette and Messenger newspapers, district constituents have shown strong support for Robson's steady leadership. She's been through the grinder, that says alot.

In the meantime, Robson's eventual open state senate seat will likely attract a few fresh faces that could make the local election interesting. It goes without saying, I'll be paying close attention to the local media framework leading up to Election Tuesday - you can count on that.

The worst thing we could do to fill the senate seat is elect a nanny-corporate tool who insists government must exert even more power to manipulate competitive pressures in the so-called free markets to coerce businesses to create jobs. We can't ignore the fact that millions of jobs have been legislated out of the country by "Contract On America" congressionals, and we can't pretend that they'll come back if only we legislate a few state kick-backs and tax credits to the wealthiest among us. It's an unsustainable premise with a recent history of enormous failure. We don't need the faux-conservative doctrine of socialized losses and privatized gains. That's what got us to this point in the first place.

Note: Robson is the first Democratic incumbent to not seek re-election. Sen. Alan Lasee, De Pere, and Sen. Ted Kanavas, Brookfield, both Republicans, have also said they would not seek reelection.


Anonymous said...

hey smarty pants, you should run for her seat and show us how to create all those free market jobs!

Lou Kaye said...

Who's asking?

Anonymous said...

By the looks of all the desk jockeys complaining about politicians on the Gazette blogs we should have a lot of people running, but we both know that won't happen. All talk, no action. Seems to be the mantra of this town.

"I'll complain, but offer no solutions. I'll criticize every official, but not to their face. I'll second guess everything they do, but not run for office myself. Why would I subject myself to the same treatment I give them?"

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