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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

InsurCorp Miffed By Profits - Will Jack Up Premiums

Insurer spent nearly $9.5 million lobbying against health reforms; CEO’s annual salary tops $10 million. Its parent, WellPoint Incorporated, has seen its profits soar earning $2.7 billion in the last quarter of 2009 alone.

According to recent reports, the company wants to raise its premiums by up to 39 percent for roughly 800,000 Anthem Blue Cross customers in California who hold individual policies.

The company, apparently complaining about the circumstances that led to it's windfall profits, then issues this statement...
Raw Story Excerpt:
“We regret the impact this has on our members,” the company said, according to The Washington Post. “It highlights why we need sustainable health care reform to manage the steadily rising costs of hospitals, drugs and doctors. As such, it is important to go back to the beginning and get health care reform done right.”

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I laughed so hard I almost swallowed my dentures!

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