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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ice Arena Study Obviously A Stall Tactic

One week away from the moment of truth, the Janesville city manager proposes an ice arena study!!
City Website Excerpt: (Page 4)
At this time we have raised almost $690,000 from the private sector, but with the outcome of the study unknown, we feel it would be more appropriate to wait until the report is provided to the city before pursuing additional fundraising efforts. -- Ice Arena "Community Donors"
Why waste $100 or $10,000 on a study since the March 1st fundraising deadline is fast approaching? Don't proceed with the study until you know the private donors have their $1.5 million vouched for. It's only one week away. If the ice arena group can wait for the study, the city should be able to wait one more week for their committment.

But wait, what am I saying? We're not dealing with normal reasonable people here. These are local banksters, political operatives and marketing profiteers.

I'm not trying to kid myself or anyone else for that matter. These folks are organized and committed to capture the $2.5 million tax payer subsidy any which way they can under any circumstances. They already have a Website up and running, have a pliable city council and administration AND most importantly, they have zero organized opposition. At this point, the $2.5 million already belongs to them, it's theirs for the losing.

I'm posting this perspective only to provide for a Sunday funny. Thanks Chumps


Anonymous said...

The comment about competitive bidding in the memo is also interesting. I wonder if the suggestion to simply hand over $2.5 million to the hockey group, without further city involvement, would eliminate the requirement to have the project competitively bid.

Lou Kaye said...

Absolutely, you make a very good point. Since the private market operates by a different set of rules, the group would not be bound by the same bargaining.

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