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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pretense, Prudes and Pollyanna's

The editors of the Janesville Gazette of all people, gave a thumbs down to politicians who in their view play loosely with the facts in their press releases.

In one example they poked at Sen. Herb Kohl's office for stating that Rock and Kenosha counties will share in a $6 million federal grant when in fact all Wisconsin counties can participate in the Green jobs training and apprenticeship grant. Not a very huge error considering the former manufacturing counties appreciate anything they can get since our congressman, Paul Ryan, throws nickels around like they're manhole covers.

No doubt it was only wishful thinking on Kohl's part. Thank you Senator!

The Gazette was also offended by state Republicans when they referred to the loss of 153 jobs at Janesville's Sanford B2B as "Parker Pen" jobs. Another harmless misstep since Parker Pen (founded 1888) went through numerous buy-out transitions before settling in as Sanford. But who could blame the repub's for this memory gap since their sundials have been stuck since the turn of the 20th century. The Gazette editors conclude "If politicians can't get simple facts right, why should we trust their promises?" They should talk.

From the Gazette's anonymous "Sound Off" column...
On Sportsmanship
"Regarding poor behavior at high school games, booing is offensive and low class. Let's have parents and teachers record the names of those booing and result in a lecture and punishment the next day at school and at home...."
Cheer me, applaud me. I command it, or I'll tell on you...I swear I'll tell.

Why does a Democratic majority in the Senate require 60 when Republicans need only 41?

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