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Friday, January 29, 2010

The Opportunities Of A Serious Rumor

This is pretty pathetic, even for the Gazette. The newspaper chopped and channeled an AP article about unscrupulous lobbyists spreading rumors in Madison to unfairly characterize Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan as politically vulnerable and defensive. The newspaper of course played down the two dozen paid liars (lobbyists) and played up the legislator as potentially effected by influence.

Regardless of its rumored source, the "rumor" does not appear to work to the advantage of the lobbyists as much as it baited opponents to tear Sheridan down a notch. Still, Sheridan's position and the payday lender legislation will be closely watched.

Just a few days earlier, the Gazette belly-ached accusing politicians of playing loose with the facts in their press releases. I suppose when you’re a newspaper incapable of publishing full and unadulterated facts, why let a serious rumor go to waste? It's a blameless fact.

Read full AP story, here, it begins...
MADISON, Wis. — Democratic Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan on Thursday accused opponents of increasing payday loan regulation of starting rumors that he was going to be removed from power.

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Anonymous said...

Paul Ryan is a RINO and Mike Sheridan is a DINO. They both belong to the same party, it's called "career opportunists."

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