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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Have Randians Hi-Jacked “We The People?"

Everywhere I turn lately, from TV to the Web to newspapers are images of “We the People” or a “the people’s something or other” giant banner in the background of some asshat book-waving Rander. From Glenn Beck’s stage to Scott Brown’s “the people’s seat” poster to Ray Stevens “we the people” song or just some local tea-bagging opportunist who says “I want to represent the people,” these stone-cold hypocrites have made a mockery of our constitutional plurality. I could have sworn just months prior to this recent development was a media flood of Randian-inspired rants bashing “the people” as the swamp of shared sacrifice, a collective failure or a to-be-scorned Marxist idea.

How ironic to have these Ayn Rand Republicans, Libertarians and Plumber Joe independents spout off about the superior benefits of their brand of individualism only to turn around and patronize “the people's” collective for their own advancement. In simple language even fifth graders verbalize and understand: "They suck."

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