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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Four Questions For Paul Ryan And His Supporters

Sunday's Janesville Messenger contained a letter apparently written in response to another letter published in the Walworth County Sunday written by J.S. of Cottage Grove.

Titled, "Yes, he's the real Paul Ryan," the letter writer proceeds to offer the following reason why Ryan did not support the "jobs bill."
JM Excerpt: (Page 6)
Maybe Paul Ryan did not support the "jobs bill" because it continues to inflate the number of public (government) employees, which then causes manufacturing jobs to be destroyed by the cost and restrictions of government. -- T.B. Beloit
Sure, he's entitled to his opinion. But somehow, the letter writer did not convince me we need insular extremists like Paul Ryan in government. The private sector seems to be far more to his liking, and I still have plenty of trouble grasping Ryan's vast array of legislative accomplishments. With that, I have four questions for the congressman or his knowledgeable supporters to answer so I can get to know and better understand the real Paul Ryan.

1. Congressman Ryan will be in office for twelve years now. Aside from chasing down the occasional errant Social Security check for a constituent, what are Ryan’s signature legislative achievements or gasp, ... accomplishments as a community organizer? Please offer something more than "Barack Obama is a Socialist."

2. Ryan’s district was heavy into manufacturing. Can you identify legislation or earmarks he specifically sponsored and passed that protected his district's vital interest? What about Tammy Baldwin?... is not a sufficient answer.

3. Ryan’s district has experienced an accumulative shortage of over $3 billion in federal appropriations (grants and contracts) since 2005. Can anyone explain what effect it has had on area jobs or what he expects this fiscally irresponsible policy will accomplish? You're just a jealous couch-sitting malcontent, get a job!... somehow isn't very convincing.

4. From 1994 through 2006, the GOP-led Congress and George W. Bush figuratively literally murdered our country. Even Bill Clinton was lucky to get out alive. In the meantime, the Congressman loyally towed the party line. Can you give any reasons why I should believe Ryan doesn't have any blood on his hands? Rot in hell you communist scum bag!...seems kinda impolite, don't cha' think?

But, if you reconsider any of these questions with the thoughtful consideration I know you're capable of, I'd appreciate it. Oh, I almost forgot ...hugs!

P.S. This might come as a shock to some of Ryan's supporters but, the comment area is open and ready for your opulent eloquence.


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After four days, complete silence. I thought so.

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*crickets chirping*

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