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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Putting A Hurt On Organized Labor

JG Excerpt:
JANESVILLE — Barring any last-minute objections, a union will not represent workers at Woodman’s Food Market in Janesville. In weekend voting, 123 workers cast ballots in opposition to representation by United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1473.
Quote from their blog: "I do not know many businesses that were giving out extra Christmas bonuses this year, but Woodman's did." -- D.

At this point, it probably doesn't matter whether Woodmans gave the "xtra" bonuses before or after employees cast their ballots.


Anonymous said...

Funny thing, 2 days or so after they became non-union they took away their mental health care. It was all over the madison papers but not a word of it in the local Janesville Enquirer....go figure.

Lou Kaye said...

After decertifying their union, Woodman probably figures they must be crazy and doesn't want to foot the bill for their medications.

The Gazette of course steers the local flow and content of news and information. Sadly, it looks like their kind are winning.

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