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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Paul Ryan - Scaremonger Squarepants

Ryan Press Excerpt:
WASHINGTON – Wisconsin’s First District Congressman Paul Ryan spoke out against efforts by the Obama Administration to welcome detained terrorists to the Midwest.
What sort of folks did our congressman think the supermax prison facility in Thomson, Illinois was supposed to house? Spongebob Squarepants and Elmo? Besides, isn’t it a little late to begin worrying about what kind of people will occupy a supermax prison after it was completed nearly eight years ago?

Ryan's statement including those from his fellow Republicans on this matter are typical of what is wrong with the right-wing perspective. Why does Ryan and his GOP cohorts continually think America can’t do anything right? Is it because we're not quite as smart as they are? To be polite to ourselves, we're just a bunch of socialist losers. But don't worry, Ryan is clutching "Atlas Shrugged," he'll set us straight.

To most of these folks, American cities weren’t even worthy to hold the Olympics. Our prisons can’t hold prisoners and our justice system will surely fail. Government is completely inept on all fronts. Yet, why is it that government can’t do anything right - a'hem, except partner with corporate interests of course. That little trick they seem to have whittled down to absolute perfection.

Seriously, he should be employed and working his confounding individualism for the folks he really represents in Congress - the corporate sector. Show me one private sector worker whose job is to undermine the chief executive officer of their company and to publicize the notion that his fellow workers are constantly on the wrong path - and I'll show you a fired worker. Granted, congressmen don't work for the President, but our congressman is the public sector equivalent proudly undermining the majority and the president.

No one can convince me that international terrorists or the so-called jihadists would rather target a prison facility housing their confederates instead of the Willis (Sears) Tower in Chicago, nuclear energy installations or even state capital buildings. Or to feel any different provocation because their friends are awaiting justice to be served on American soil. Those backward cave dwellers outsmarted us before when they attacked us on 9/11, certainly they'll outfox us again if we let them. So, we're supposed to cower in fear theorizing they'll attack us again. That's supposed to strike fear in our hearts? Oh please. Let’s put our tail between our legs and run off squealing looking for the nearest closet to hide in.

That's not the America I know. And as far as bringing the Gitmo prisoners, every bagged and shackled one of them, to as close as 50 miles from the Wisconsin border. I say “Bring 'em On.”
JG Excerpt:
The prison is the Thomson Correctional Center, a high-security “supermax” facility in Thomson, Ill., about 115 miles from Janesville.
It's too bad it's not closer to Janesville. We could use the jobs.

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