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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WMC Aiming To Get Their Money's Worth

In what probably is one of the most obscene proposals ever to be submitted to the state's high court, the morally bankrupt group known as the WMC is requesting that...
Daily Press Excerpt:
...judges would not be required to step aside from cases involving groups or individuals no matter how much they spent to help their campaigns.
Daily Press Excerpt:
"Individuals and organizations spend money to help elect a judicial candidate precisely because they want that candidate to be a judge — that is, to preside over cases, including their own," WMC attorney Mike Wittenwyler said in the petition. "There is nothing corrupt about that. That is democracy."
That's not democracy - that's bold-faced corruption. In that case, why bother with campaign contributions? Why not just pay the judges directly for each court case?

Obviously, the high court should strike their proposal down. But does that mean if the WMC or other special interests can't buy judges, they will no longer contribute to their election campaigns? Yeeeeaaah!

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Democurmudgeon said...

Beautifully presented, and true. Can they make it more obvious?

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