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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Rip Rap

Corruption has nothing on the Culture Of Conservatism

In this video, conservative pundits and cable news hosts refer to a city with a crime rate ten times that of Chicago as "awesome," warn of gangster politics that'll make Al Capone so happy if the Olympics comes to Chicago, and insult American women as "fat people eating." Dennis Miller tries to channel his own racism onto the IOC. Michelle Malkin said the push for the Olympics is a "great way to white wash all of Chicago's ills." Lou Dobbs says, "Michelle Obama talking smack with the first lady of Brazil." The last time I heard such insulting anti-American rhetoric and cheering on for an American loss was from an enemy crashing airplanes into our buildings. And then these America haters wonder out loud about whether President Obama is pro-American?

Video: Glenn Beck Laughing All The Way To The Bank
More America Haters Trying To Cover Their Tracks

Besides Newsmax who recently deleted an article laying out plans for a military coup against the President, Weekly Standard deletes reference to "cheers" in their offices after Chicago lost bid for Olympics.

Americans For ProsperityDuplicity Cheer for Olympic Loss

Stand Up With Rep. Alan Grayson

The more I read about this guy – the more I like. In this Huff posting, Grayson kept a cool head while Fox stooge Neil Cavuto became unhinged defending huge executive bonuses for performance failure. Grayson, "You should not get rich off public money, and you should not get rich off of abject failure." He argued in an op-ed on the Huffington Post that Congress must put an end to "theft" on Wall Street, "which is apparently the only place in the world where you can steal from the taxpayers and then bill them for services rendered."
Rep. Alan Grayson on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
"I wish they would take their talent and practice their talent in Russia or China and bankrupt them instead of us."
More on Grayson by John Nichols.

Let Rep. Alan Grayson know you support him for having the backbone to stand up against the GOP machine. You can "heart" Rep. Grayson on Facebook here.
According to professional hypocrite and Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner - Losing in a Crooked Election Should Condemn a person for life.

Traditional News Congressman Angry Over Judicial Appointment

One Wisconsin Sensenbrenner's Phony Outrage Over Appointment

Perhaps the most upsetting to Republicans about Louie Butler is he will now be in a position where the GOP's local anti-Wisconsin group, the WMC, will be unable to smear him off the bench.
Illegal Immigrants Then: Good People Just Coming Here To Work.
Illegal Immigrants Now: Don't Deserve Health Care.
Washington Times Excerpt:
Rep. Steve King, Iowa Republican, said proposals that include government coverage for illegal immigrants leave him incredulous.

"If anybody can, with a straight face, advocate that we should provide health insurance for people who broke into our country, broke our law and for the most part are criminals, I don't know where they ever would draw the line," he said.
How about drawing the line on every American business that allows an illegal immigrant to break into a job?
Tommy Thompson Defines Emergency Rooms As Universal Health Care
Seattle Times Excerpt:
March 03, 2004 -- Congressional Democrats have criticized the administration for helping Iraq to establish universal health care without doing the same for U.S. citizens.

"Even if you don't have health insurance," said Thompson, who toured medical facilities in the Iraqi cities of Baghdad and Tikrit on Saturday and Sunday, "you are still taken care of in America. That certainly could be defined as universal coverage.

Video: Fox News is a political organization.

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