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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Feingold's Wrong To Create Tax Credit Jobs

Let me start this off by saying that I agree with Sen. Russ Feingold a heckuva' lot more than I disagree. There could be 50 issues at hand and I might find disagreement with him on one, possibly two issues. The last time I felt he went the wrong way was over his position on expanding executive branch veto powers dubbed the "Janesville Veto." Just for perspective, with Rep. Paul Ryan for instance, I have trouble finding agreement with him on more than one or two issues out of 50.

So now I find it very disturbing to hear Feingold is proposing a Federal corporate tax credit. Whether they can actually create jobs is anyone's guess. Now, before you heave up onto your monitor screen consider this; the job losses effecting nearly every state in the union is more a direct result from wrongheaded Federal policy than it is states. But that only tells me Feingold is right to consider a national prescription.

Unfortunately, I believe no amount of corporate or business tax credits can offset or repair the damage caused by 30 years of class war capitalism, corrupted free markets and severely imbalanced global economics. More likely, these tax credits seem like an appeasement of the GOP's corporate populism and will only prolong our agony. They are no less obscene when a good Democrat proposes them.

As long as we keep trying to create jobs with tax credits, we will never learn what it takes to create jobs without them.
CT Excerpt:
"I've discussed the idea of a jobs tax credit with a number of Wisconsin businesses and generally got a positive reaction." -- Sen. Feingold
No surprise there.

Yes, a surprise here. The Capital Times wrote Feingold's right to consider Jobs Tax Credit.


Anonymous said...

I once threw a steak to a well fed pig and got a positive reaction.

As if we could make things better without making them worse.

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