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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beck Issues "Ink By The Barrel" Warning To President

In case you may have missed it Friday. During one of his whack-a-thon circus acts on the Fox ...hee-hee..News Channel, Glenn Beck was ranting on how irrational or calculating Obama and his administration must be to dare take on someone who buys ink by the barrel. As you probably know here in Janesville, we recently had our own little ink by the barrel warning issued from the local media monopoly to the city council.

But who would have thunk it, huh? The uncanny coincidence of a local talk-radio host here in Janesville daring the city council to oppose someone who buys ink by the barrel, and Glenn Beck issueing a nearly identical statement to the President of the United States?! I now wonder if Beck is getting material for his show from my little blog. that you? Are you there? Hah!

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