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Friday, September 18, 2009

Wisconsin GOP: Tax Cuts For Wealthy And Deregulation

Wisconsin state republicans unveiled their "jobs" agenda on Thursday. Here are the main points.
Republican Jobs Agenda Excerpt:
Jobs Tax Credit NOW (Williams)

Assembly Republicans would give employers a financial incentive to hire employees, through the Jobs Tax Credit, in 2009.
– what’s wrong with that picture? Lets ignore the fact that Republicans are the first to swear that “guv’mint doesn’t create jobs,” and look more closely at the actual premise behind the “give employers a financial incentive to hire employees” idea. Whatever happened to the time when businesses hired more employees because demand for their services or products picked up – you know, the free markets. Instead we have government helping create an illusion of false hope for the unemployed while stuffing the pockets of the wealthiest among us.

In addition, Wisconsin legislators are willing to offer a refundable tax credit — meaning it’s payable even if the business owes no taxes. State Democrats go along with this charade.
Republican Jobs Agenda Excerpt:
Recruit & Retain Jobs NOW (Budget Motion & LRB-3431; Rhoades)

Assembly Republicans would require Wisconsin’s Department of Commerce to submit a report to the Joint Finance Committee detailing its business retention methods, a plan identifying businesses seeking to expand or relocate, and develop a Rapid Response Team for relocation or expansion prospects.
More of the same big government influence applied to change the course of the free markets. This solution sets the stage for even more of the same cash give-aways, tax credits and deregulation. You don’t honestly think “retention methods” are simply a nice conversation over a cup of hot chocolate discussing how much better Wisconsin workers are – do you? Again, many democrats have bought into the anti-free market government intervention process.
Republican Jobs Agenda Excerpt:
Banning Secret Tax Increases (Zipperer)

Assembly Republicans would restore legislative accountability and protect families and employers from this bureaucratic overreach by banning this practice all together.
That is one I could actually agree with providing the state legislature stops writing tax laws that intentionally leaves room for mis-interpretation.
Republican Jobs Agenda Excerpt:
Small Business Expense Flexibility NOW (AB 184; Roth)

Assembly Republicans would increase the expense deduction limit to $50,000 (up from the current $25,000) to more closely mirror the federal tax code. Putting more money in the hands of small business employers in a quicker manner will allow them the ability to hire more employees.
How often do we see republicans promoting federal tax code? Only when it puts more money in the pockets of their masters I suppose. But this one is my personal favorite. Lets expand the business expense deduction so maybe now employers can finally afford to buy the Chinese-built Romby-the-robot “worker” machine they’ve always dreamed about when they need a few extra bodies on the job. Fewer employees with no benefits means increased profits.
Republican Jobs Agenda Excerpt:
Wisconsin Jobs Investment Act NOW (AB 38; Strachota)

Assembly Republicans would give individual employers and shareholders a financial incentive to reinvest their assets in a Wisconsin business, through the Wisconsin Investment Act, in 2009. These individuals would be eligible for a capital gains exclusion of up to $10 million for long-term reinvestment in a Wisconsin business, under certain circumstances, NOW.
Folks collecting $10 million in capital gains need an incentive to invest and earn even more!! This one speaks for itself.
Republican Jobs Agenda Excerpt:
Health Insurance Flexibility NOW (Vukmir)
Assembly Republicans would allow Wisconsin’s employers to purchase health insurance plans from out-of-state insurers, which would facilitate some competition among all health insurance providers.
I had no idea Republicans wanted to facilitate competition in the health insurance industry. It’s never too late to support the public option.
Republican Jobs Agenda Excerpt:
Sunset Phone Line Tax, Cap Gains Tax Increase & Combined Reporting

Assembly Republicans would sunset these new taxes and tax increases in 2011.
Halt everything!! Except tax cuts to millionaires and deregulation of course.

Does anyone really think corporations and small businesses alike should be coerced by government into hiring more workers when demand dictates otherwise? And when demand picks up if it ever does, shouldn't businesses be rewarded by the profits they gain and not by the taxes they fought to avoid? What about the rest of us?

Forget about the free market Republicans - there are none. Where are the free market Democrats?

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