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Monday, September 07, 2009

Phony Free Marketers Want More Government Intervention

As published in Sunday's Janesville Messenger in an article titled, "Doyle proves he's just not one of us."
People are right to ask why is there such reluctance on the part of our governor to impose himself in the discussion to get a deal so the jobs can remain in Wisconsin? Where was the passion he tried to show at the eleventh hour in Janesville?
Against all common sense for the sake of the failed free markets, Doyle played into the extortion game when state and locals offered a very respectable "bribery" package to General Motors at the 11th hour on behalf of Janesville and the State of Wisconsin. We were out-extorted and lost. But it wasn't because Doyle's heart is not in saving jobs. On the other hand, Doyle and the state supposedly played a much lesser role with Mercury Marine and.....won. And despite limited details on reports indicating that state government and Fond du Lac officials "imposed" themselves into the private negotiations carried out between Mercury Marine and the union, I only hope a tax raising "bribery" package was not part of the equation.

Although all the facts are not yet known, apparently the "free market" reacted very favorably to the "nothing" role the WPRI perceives Doyle played with Mercury Marine. They bash him for it. One would think any true free-market think tank would want as little government influence as possible when it comes to corporate free market decisions.

But what kind of a "free market" do we have when its so-called risk-takers suckle on the collectivist system of government taxation to bail out their mismanaged losses?

Oklahoma's Governor and their local officials willingly sold their souls in the corrupted free market game played at Mercury Marine and lost. They now feel burned just like Doyle did by GM's decision to pull out of Janesville. Does anyone blame these folks for how they feel now?
NewsPress Excerpt:
One team member, Rep, Cory Williams, D-Stillwater, said Thursday he will look into repealing state tax credits the state gave Mercury Marine in legislation he helped get passed this spring.
The only market the folks at the Wisconsin Policy Institute are thinking about is free access into our government's department of revenue to fund their version of private enterprise. You know, they are one of them.

In a related "labor" and jobs editorial published by the Janesville Gazette, the newspaper takes a cheap shot at state Democrats "job creation" vows as hollow rhetoric while praising Republican lawmakers for "reaching out to workers." Hysterical but not surprising since the Gazette has a long history of working every angle possible to downplay any positive influence organized labor unions or Democrats have in job retention and economic development. Perhaps the most upsetting to these folks is the fact that there still is hope and strength in numbers if workers stand up and organize.

Read additional perspective: Stillwater Workers, "This was decided by someone else." No Vote, No Voice, No Union and No Jobs.


Democurmudgeon said...

Great post.

You've hit on the heart of the Republican hypocracy on free markets.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that Merc's revenues were down 40% and their property taxes ran over $600,000 per year. No wonder they moved to a more business-friendly state, bribery aside! WI has the highest per capita deficit in the WHOLE USA, thanks to Jimbo and cronies! A business would have to be nuts NOT to move out!

And while the ordinary union members lose jobs, the union bosses make out like least they did in a similar case last year, when a KY company closed. Why would it be different in WI?

Republocrats are not "free marketers"; neither are Demicans: just WHO decided to bail out the big bankers that are covertly running the country? It started with Dubya, then "Bushama" gave 'em even more!!! WHY didn't he stop it!?!

You need to remember, no society ever yet TAXED its way to prosperity! To quote Churchill, that is "like a man standing in a bucket and trying to pull himself up by the handle."

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