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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Congress Should Defund Murderous War Profiteers

This coincidence was too good to pass up after the far Right-wing Janesville Messenger slammed the 75 Democrats for voting against defunding the community group ACORN.
Janesville Messenger Editorial Excerpt: (Page 6)
All of which begs the question: What would ACORN have to do, short of murder, to convince Baldwin that it doesn't deserve a hand-out from the American taxpayer.
It's strange they would suggest that ACORN would have to take up murder before certain members of Congress would defund them. Because that's exactly what many Private Military Companies (PMC's) and other right-leaning organizations leeching off of taxpayers take up along with prostitution and fraud, and they're still in business. Of course the crimes alleged against ACORN pale in comparison.

In this video, Rachel Maddow takes sharp aim at those groups and suggests no organizations should be exempt from defunding and prosecution, and that includes ACORN. Cut them all loose.

Maddow: Congress Should Defund Murderous War Profiteers

A Glenn Beck Truism: Why is MSNBC and Rachel Maddow the only major network to report on this? Where is Fox, CNN and the rest of the mainstream media? What does that tell you - Huh?

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