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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beck Brings In Tide Of Support For “Stuff”

In his last two performances, freak host Glenn Beck has been trying his best to "take down" citizen groups such as Tides in an effort to re-legitimize the expansion of a corporate-driven and controlled throw-away society. His latest "target" promotion is the video titled "The story of stuff." Yesterday, Beck introduced a father and his two sons on the show in what can only be described as an extremely lame testimonial to discredit the group's sustainability mission. The founder of Tides responded to Beck in an open letter.

Open Letter to Glenn Beck:
I have to say that of all the things you decry about the people and programs we support, going after a video explaining sustainability to kids is really something. Of course, your assertions about last night's topic, The Story of Stuff were absurd, but the attention you brought to them really helped. It..more >>>

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