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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Alcohol Plant Sobers Up Milton Community

As reported in Tuesday's Janesville Gazette, the United Ethanol Plant was the subject of a public hearing in Milton to determine whether it violated its conditional-use permit by emitting objectionable odors. It turns out, the plant doesn’t have an enforceable conditional-use permit.
JG Excerpt:
The city issued a conditional-use permit to the plant in 2005, but that permit was declared null and void by the court when it declared Milton held too many closed meetings in reaching an agreement with United Ethanol, O’Callaghan said.
Does that mean the plant is operating under an UNconditional-use permit? After dealing illegally behind closed doors, it only now becomes apparent Milton officials didn't need the ethanol plant if they wanted to stink up the place. Those officials rendered the community powerless by a quandary of their own making. Was the entire agreement declared null and void? Or just the conditional-use permit? This all sounds too convenient to believe.

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