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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Business Group Gets Bridge To Tax Credits

Boehner Asks After Five Months: Where Are The Jobs?

“In North Carolina, they used stimulus money to hire one new state worker. His job? To apply for more stimulus funds from the taxpayers by the way of the Federal government.” – Rep. John Boehner
What's the big deal? Maybe it's a "strategy."

Rep. Paul Ryan earmarked $450,000 in federal “jobs” stimulus for his tightly knit base of hometown supporters.
(Sept. 22 - 26, 2008)
$450,000 to Rock County and Forward Janesville, Inc., Janesville, Wisconsin, for a joint investment to support implementation of a strategy to recover from their recent loss of thousands of automotive jobs in the region.
After six months, Forward Janesville and J.P. Cullen & Sons sponsored a junket of about 50 people and trekked off to the Wisconsin state capital in Madison where they lobbied state legislators for more "jobs" stimulus funding in the form of business tax credits. They did this with a straight face while state legislators were grappling with a $6.6 billion deficit.

Now, ten months have passed since the EDA grant was announced and all I've seen they have to show for are tax credits for businesses, while jobs keep disappearing. Rock County (Alliance?) and Forward Janesville should step up and show taxpayers either where the money went or better yet - where the jobs are.

Note: Bridge to Rusty’s Backwater Saloon Rusty’s saloon is in Rep. David Obey’s district.

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