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Monday, June 15, 2009

Information Portal Creates "Newspaper" Category?

For nearly everyone, I realize this particular little observation won't compete with the Letterman/Palin dust-up or help uncover a secret plot of world domination.

Perhaps it's just a coincidence. Perhaps it's only me. But after my last posting titled, Media: Republicans Absent From State Budget Solutions, it appears like the folks at the Wheeler Report made some adjustments. At the very height of media reporting on state budget debates, Monday's "Budget" category diminished to a single statement. Instead, they created a "Newspaper" category which by the way, posts all the same type of linked content on media reports and opinions about the state budget previously listed under "Budget."

If it's related, this recent change probably won't accomplish what I think they're trying to achieve. Particularly if it is meant to restore a perception of balance to the reality of the bias, partisanship and intent of the mainstream media's "objective" reporting.

As someone who spends a great part of his 'bloggin' time deconstructing local newspaper media reports, I find the Wheeler Report to be among the best online portals for aggregating political news in Wisconsin. It is out of this respect however, I find their attempt to reframe state budget news rather puzzling.


curious question said...

But isn't the media bias favoring democrats because as you observed "Republicans are absent from the budget?"

Lou Kaye said...

Only because I tried to reframe the obvious perception of the media titles posted at the WR that way. Otherwise the majority of the major newspapers in Wisconsin are willfully attempting to mischaractize the state budget, state assembly and state senate as "democratic only" and accusing the democratic caucus of secrecy instead of asking why Republicans are offering no real budget solutions besides cutting jobs, absence or obstruction. Wisconsin's WMC press club are using all the tools they can to mischaracterize our under-performing economy into future political gains for Republicans.

curious question said...

I don't see it that way. All majorities dig themselves into a hole and it's up to them to pull themselves out without blaming the media.

Lou Kaye said...

I'll agree majorities dig themselves a hole but we obviously have a difference of opinion on the media. Thanks for sharing yours.

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