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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Health Care: Reform We Can Believe In?

Judging by President Obama's long-winded response to a question asked by former congressional candidate Paulette Garin, it appears Obama prefers to tweak the broken health care system instead of bringing about sweeping changes most folks expected.
Wispolitics Excerpt:
Paulette Garin, a health care advocate and former Dem candidate in the 1st Congressional District, asked Obama to reconsider a single-payer system, adding that she is concerned that a public and private system could end up with government subsidizing private insurance.
The single payer plan is the only viable health care plan alternative that I've heard of that is fully funded. Unlike other plans like Congressman Ryan's expansive new government entitlement 'Patient's Choice,' which is designed to self-destruct on the savings of a corporate tax incentive, single payer is not a deficit growth gimmick, it is funded by a payroll tax.

Obama In Green Bay (and Garin)

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