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Monday, April 27, 2009

Does Paul Ryan Want Obama To Fail?

This article in the Journal Sentinel seems more like an official GOP propaganda piece, not to rebut, but to re-characterize honest observations about Rep. Paul Ryan posted a couple weeks ago in this article, from the Isthmus.

Paul Ryan is perhaps the last of the old guard corporate politicians. He voted 90% of the time with the Republican-led Congress during the first 8 ½ years of his career. He helped push the country over a 1000-foot cliff and thought it was flying for the first 950 feet. Now that it’s ready to hit bottom, Ryan says, “the nation is at a tipping point.” Anyone who thinks the answer to our complex battery of economic woes is to simply cut taxes for the wealthiest even further and make draconian cuts to Medicare and Social Security during a time when they are needed most is not only naive, but completely delusional.

Over the past ten years, Ryan and his personal capital investment cronies on Wall Street had their chance to prove Social Security unnecessary – and they failed - miserably. So miserably in fact, that they had no choice but to run to the collectivist system of taxation (government) for a series of huge capital injections to stay afloat. The fact is, these failed capitalists turned socialist for refuge and approached government - not the other way around.

Ryan and his insurance company campaign donors too, had their chance to prove the free market health care system competitive and affordable – again, they failed miserably. It is the current system of private health care that is crushing the country, destroying lives, nest eggs and businesses - not Medicare or Medicaid. In case you hadn't noticed, universal health care is not here yet.
Isthmus Excerpt:
In Wisconsin, 60.6% of the Bush tax cuts backed by Ryan will benefit the richest 1% — those earning over $1.1 million — saving them an average of $17,962 annually, according to the Citizens for Tax Justice. Meanwhile, the state's poorest 60% will save an average of just $29 a year, or 5.8% of the total cuts.
Ryan and his Republicans have ‘cut’ everything they could get away with and still bankrupted the country. Our current economy is the final destination of a domestic liquidation and class wealth shift that began with Ronald Reagan, and it will be the Bush/Republican economy for at least several more years. Ironically, while Ryan's congressional district is the country's trophy economic train wreck, he has prospered politically. How is this possible?

In all reality, Obama might not be able to ever repair the damage done by the likes of Reagan and Bush. He is just one man against a machine. And if Paul Ryan ever succeeds at anything, it seems it will be to make sure someone else fails.


Democurmudgeon said...

I agree that the JSonline piece read like a Ryan press release. But in many ways, it was scary in its revelations. Clearly spelling them out in the article may help people understand who Ryan really represents. I was inspired enough to write my own post. Great cartoon...

Lou Kaye said...

I agree. The JS article, although pandering to Ryan actually does a good job showing what brand of kool-aid he's been drinking.

xoff said...

Good analysis. Ryan gets a free ride from the media generally, not just the JS. We need to keep countering it.

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