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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ryan Wins Another Sham Award

As reported in Tuesday's Janesville Gazette, Congressman Paul Ryan won yet another award. This time he received the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Award for Manufacturing Legislative Excellence. Now, if you're familiar with NAM, you’d realize that their ideal vision of a manufacturing facility and business model would be located in Communist China.

To their credit, not one House Democrat won the award. Most scored 30% or less on the NAM scorecard, with only a handful scoring above that but less than 50%. Nearly every Republican won the award, with very few exceptions.

The award-winning Ryan has consistently voted to deregulate the workplace environment, obstruct OSHA rules, and essentially support a manufacturing model that has led to the spiraling down of American worker protections, wages and benefits.

It is no wonder why Ryan continues to claim his concerns remain focused on retirees, workers, and families in Southern Wisconsin. After voting to deleverage their skillset and value, I too would be extremely concerned for all American workers.

July, 2007 - Ryan wins Spirit of Enterprise Award after voting 100% of the time for business interests.

March 11, 2009
Janesville manufacturer plans to close its operation here and eliminate 148 jobs - will transfer the plant’s production to other facilities in Mexico and Hungary.

The Janesville Gazette titles article Bourns becomes latest victim of automotive industry.

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