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Monday, March 09, 2009

Comprehensive Plan Needs Change Now - Not Later

Judging by the comments made at the Janesville city council candidate forum hosted by the League of Women Voters held at the Hedberg Library, all three council incumbents, Steeber, Brunner and Truman appeared to be leaning in favor of the Comprehensive Growth Plan drawn up by the City Administration. The common theme expressed was that they were satisfied with the plan, that it can always be amended and changed at any time. Their responses were in actuality an acknowledgment that they have some doubts about the plan, that something is wrong.

Yet, to deviate from the plan like they apparently suggest, would require a 'no' vote on an annexation request at some point down the line - to which I recall THEY NEVER DID (or extremely rare) IN THE PAST. Once the plan gets rubber stamped, the administration rehearses the recommendation, "request to annex the parcel is consistent with the comprehensive growth plan" phrase. The plan then not only becomes the reason to grant annexation, but it also becomes the excuse to.

Also, to change the document in midstream would not only disenfranchise most of the parties involved, the plan could lose all credibility and no longer be relied upon as an official guideline.

Endorsing this plan now, eight months before it is due, and then thinking about it later would be a disservice to all those who contributed to its contents.

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