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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

GOP Partisans Gather In Janesville Over Weekend

Hardcore partisan Republicans met at a restaurant in Janesville over the weekend in an apparent effort to rally the party's troops. Among the speakers at the event were Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and Rep. Paul Ryan.

The coverage of the event was published in the Janesville Gazette under the title, We’re going to rebuild.” Don’t worry, they weren't talking about the heavy job losses in Janesville, the state of Wisconsin or the rapidly declining economic condition of the country. No, this group had far more urgent and important issues to deal with first.
JG Excerpt:
Ryan said the GOP must consider what it means to be a political party. The goal, he said, is not to destroy the Democrats but to make America great. "They are not our enemies," he said of the Dems. "They are our opponents."
While the rest of the country is burning, Paul Ryan is worried about his poor little ol' political party. Never mind that he was among those who fueled the economic inferno yet never saw the flames, and is now trying to block the fire trucks by undermining the presidents' plan for recovery.
JG Excerpt:
Walker shot most of his arrows at Democrat Gov. Jim Doyle for leading the state into an economic quagmire. "His failed leadership has got to go," Walker said. "It's time to get rid of him. It's time to get rid of the Democrat majority in the Assembly."
Scott Walker is clearly in over his head as Milwaukee County Executive and he wants to be governor? Here's a guy who blamed unfunded state mandates for his inability to manage public aid programs. How many local elected officials have to deal with unfunded mandates? State politicians have to deal with unfunded Federal mandates all the time. County and school officials have inboxes loaded with unfunded federal and state mandates. It goes with the territory. Whining about it like a crybaby doesn't. Failing to meet the challenge, what does Scott Walker do with his unfunded mandates? Why he unloads them onto the administrative offices of a guy he views as failed leadership and leading the state into an economic quagmire.

You just can't make this stuff up.

Read more on Walker Here: Milwaukee County In Shambles, Give Me State

The newspaper posted more of Paul Ryan's brand of deficit-growing pay-later tax-cut trickle-down economics the same day in an Op-ed titled, "Stimulus is too slow, wasteful." The article contained mostly useless egocentric partisan regurgitation and was really not worth the time spent reading. Interestingly enough though was the last paragraph of a Pro-Ryan letter printed right next to his Op-Ed. It read..........
JG Letter Excerpt:
Ryan is a breath of fresh air as he is working for good policy, not playing partisan games. -- B.G. Burlington, WI

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