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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Local Firm Targets Liberals

Anti-American Movie Financed By Hendricks
BDN Excerpt:
The movie, “An American Carol,” was financed by the Hendrickses, owners of Beloit's ABC Supply Co. and many other associated businesses.
“An American Carol” spoofs liberalism in America by poking fun at it's main character, American documentary maker Michael Moore, according to a press release about the film.

It’s no great secret that many Americans on both the Left and Right are thoroughly disgusted with the GOP and the Bush Administration’s take-down of liberal America. Yet this is a firm (Hendricks) that has done very well practicing some of the finer principles of America's economic liberalism despite clinging to a far-right ideology.

Instead of pulling their commercial and residential property investments up by the excesses of their own golden-laced bootstraps, multi-billion dollar Hendrick's Developments has liberally negotiated for taxpayer hand-outs to socialize the risk in many of their private business ventures. One hand-out included a $2.7 million water tower paid for by the residents of Janesville to serve the high elevation terrain needs of their planned country club homes development. Over here in Janesville and elsewhere, these are usually referred to as “public/private partnerships.” So it's odd that they would bite the hand that fuels their private enterprise.

As far as the movie is concerned, it simply can't be taken seriously. The truth is, any kind of documentary produced by the right-wing nuts in Hollywood attacking liberals are all "spoofs," unlike documentaries by the likes of Michael Moore, which are serious socio-political statements made with historical reports and real-life characters. "An American Carol" is made up of fabricated characters and plots. It's a comedy. The scenes and skits from the American Carol trailer look completely harmless if not moronic.

Entertainment value appears to be low – it’s a stinker. Zero stars.


RichE95 said...

I can't quite bring myself to retire to Michael Moore's health care uptopia in Cuba. He has chosen to idealize Castro and Chavez. It is his right to do so and to make the US seem like a force for evil. So why should he be immune from mockery? Just another thin skinned humorless leftist? I for one am thankful for real self made people like Ken Hendricks who created so many jobs for working people.

krshorewood said...

This movie is yet another manifestation of those former liberals Christopher Hutchens, Ron Silver and
Dennis Hopper who soiled themselves over 9/11. This is the latest in the pathetic products being turned out by the group of loosers.

Lou Kaye said...

I agree with krshorewood here, but rich, the main point is, why didn't they do a documentary on the order of "60 minutes." Making it a total comedy is the best they have? To put it another way, they attempt to disprove such an easy target (supposedly) as Moore not with facts, but with made-up stuff?

I think Moore can take the shots here.

I won't argue about Hendricks bringing jobs in, but thousands of people start businesses, buy and rehab property and create jobs without negotiating a grant, taxpayer hand-out or a TIF district on every project. And most have a LOT LESS money than Hendricks.

Jay Bullock said...

It explains a lot about the contemporary conservative mindset that the ghost of America present in General George S. Patton, d. 1945.

Anonymous said...

Can't dispute the message, so the right-wing nutters do what they always do, kill the messenger.

RichE95 said...

Really folks - Michael Moore is BIG enough to absorb the jokes. I am gratefull for his support of American agriculture.

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