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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Milton Ethanol Plant Still Smells

A neighbor of the United Ethanol Plant in Milton has launched a sign campaign to protest the sight, smells and violations of the industrial behemoth near his home.
Racks Up 170 Violations:
“United Ethanol cares about their neighbors," Dori Lichty, plant spokeswoman, wrote in an e-mail to The Janesville Gazette. "That's why we are installing a new $2 million, multi-chamber RTO (regenerative thermal oxidizer). That's why we have all the new RTO pieces on site so we can begin construction as soon as the DNR permit is approved."
That's interesting, except the neighbor......
JG Excerpt:
Dorn doesn't believe the plant's statements. He believes the plant wants to install the new equipment to increase its production capacity, he said.

In fact, the new equipment will increase the plant's capacity, but not beyond its allowable limit, Lichty said.
Certainly… this point…..we wouldn’t want to break any laws now would we……why…..….that would be violation………..number 171.

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