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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wrong Way Ryan Votes Do Nothing

If you have been paying attention to the weekly voting tally on critical issues of local politicians representing us in Washington, you probably noticed Rep. Paul Ryan has voted time after time against the interests of working class people.

Homeowner Tax Breaks
Roll Call Votes:
Voting 322 for and 94 against, the House on May 8 adopted an amendment to HR 3221 that authorizes $7,500 tax credits for first-time home purchases and allows taxpayers who do not itemize deductions to treat up to $700 of their 2008 property taxes as a federal tax deduction.
Ryan voted against this bill and HR 3221, another bill offering FHA backing to mortgage lenders willing to rework up to 500,000 loans now headed for default. The $700 state property tax deduction on Federal income taxes was particularly telling of his unwillingness to alleviate some of the property tax burden for first-time home buyers.

Worker Protection
On another front no less important, Ryan voted against requiring OSHA regulations for controlling dust hazards in the workplace. HR 5522 would override weaker state rules that do less to prevent EXPLOSIONS! When Ryan voted "no" to this bill, he voted "Yes" to increased danger for workers.

Medicaid Safety Net Act
In a Thomas Rollcall published in the Janesville Gazette on April 28th, it was also obvious that when Ryan voted “NO” on H.R. 5613, he voted to leave it up to the state to either replace the federal funds with new state taxes OR terminate health care services to the poor. His “NO” vote meant “YES” on raising state’s income taxes by $13 billion over the next five years. That figures out to $2.6 billion a year divided among 50 states and considering Wisconsin is usually in the middle of pack, if Ryan had his way he would have increased our state tax burden by another $52 million a year. This is just one in a long, long line of “faux” fiscal conservatively driven domestic spending cuts inseminating higher local taxes.

Like Ryan, Bush has threatened to vote “NO” and veto the legislation. However the bill has 75 more votes than would be required to override a presidential veto.

Come November, 1st Congressional District voters in Wisconsin need to stand up and end this wrong track charade once and for all.

Democrat Wins In GOP Stronghold
May 13, 2008 (JACKSON, Miss.)— Democrat Travis Childers wins a U.S. House seat in Mississippi's deeply Republican 1st Congressional District.

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