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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Rip Rap

First there was this headline last week.
Army has record low of new recruits
Congress has failed to bring our troops home and Bush and Cheney have not been impeached. The Army has record low level of new recruits – Congress has record low ratings, even lower than Bush. No relationship?

Then this.

Military lowering standards Again. Just what we need. Why don't they raise the standards and allow only volunteers from colleges and universities instead of recruiting crackheads willing to trade their weapon for the next fix?

Bush: Obstructing Democracy
Bush’s approval rating is down to 24%. He’s doing this all by himself. Congress is down to 11% approval, but nearly half of Congress is Republican.
There's only two ways congressional performance will improve. One, vote out the Republicans or number two, over-ride Bush obstructionist vetoes. Either way, I guarantee congressional approval ratings will go up.

Start Demolishing Homes
Greenspan says to cut home inventories. Good ol' supply and demand free-market principles here. Some actually believe no one would deliberately manipulate supply in the name of profits. While other knuckle-heads think it ain't a free market unless you are free to manipulate.

Two Debates I'd like to see

Mike Gravel vs John McCain - These two loons would provide the most entertainment by far out of all the candidates. No script needed.

Dennis Kucinich vs Ron Paul - Kucinich is one of my favorites and Paul seems to have his head on straight about Bush and the Iraq war, although his tax policy is all wrong. These two would provide a good old fashioned issue oriented debate. So far, I've got the Democratic field down to five - Edwards, Obama, Kucinich and Clinton......and the 800 lb. Al Gor-illa.

Dog Park Owners Upset
You can read the story here, or just take my word for it and sign the petition....... please....pretty please.

I’ve been hearing enough about whether or not the “gender card” will be an issue during the presidential campaign, that if it wasn’t – it is now.

9-11 An Inside Job?
As much as I criticize the inept MSM and the Bush Administration, I never believed 9/11 was an “inside job” although the collapse of WTC Building No. 7 did seem suspicious. Here’s a Webpage that seems to make one of the better cases against the findings of the 9/11 Commission Report. It's not your average "truther" site.

I don’t have a hard time believing what happened on 9-11, but what I find nearly as nauseating was our government's reaction to it under the misguidance of George W. Bush - that remains extremely difficult to accept.

Peak Oil and the long emergency?
Worry about the cause to high oil prices and the worthless dollar? Forget all that, we got something far more pressing to worry about going into the final year of - Peak Bush!

Last week, Phony Phox News claimed Rudy Guiliani was so tough on crime the mob refused to “rub him out.”
Rudy tough on crime
Ruthless Rudy.....just too funny.

The truth was, three out of five NY crime mob bosses thought Rudy was just soft enough that it's better for them he is kept alive.

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