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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Our World Bought Out By AT&T

State politicians including democrats(who woulda thunk it) have not only failed to mount a challenge to AT&T’s video policies on behalf of Wisconsin consumers, they avoided any systematic changes that would have protected the public from service and billing abuse. The list of cable consumer sell-out legislators is as follows.These legislators fought on behalf of AT&T to reject the following consumer protecting provisions.
WAPC Excerpt:
· Required video providers to maintain customer support call centers in Wisconsin. (JOBS)

· Required incumbent cable operators to maintain their local franchises until a competitor arrives so that enforceable consumer protections would remain in place where there are monopolies.

· Required a 10-year limit on the length of state-issued franchises (the law passed grants licenses in perpetuity with the right to transfer to any company without state review).

· Required video providers to follow local ordinances regarding the placement of TV equipment (AT&T's "refrigerator boxes") in city rights-of-way if the location of that equipment would have a negative effect on nearby property values.

· Required continuing free cable TV service to schools and public buildings.

It should be noted that sell-outs Lehman and Sullivan crossed over to support the following defeated PEG protections.

SA4 – Would have allowed municipalities with access channels to collect up to a 1% PEG fee on video revenue to support local programming and would have required local cable providers to honor PEG support provisions in local agreements until expiration.

SA10 – Would have allowed PEG stations to earn revenue through ads.

SA16 – Would have required PEG channels to be carried on the local broadcast tier, companies to pay the cost of converting the standard PEG signal to their format, and would have required PEG channels to be carried at the same technical quality as other commercial channels.
It's heading for the Governor and it seems like there's no reason for him to veto the will of the legislature unless he can apply some fancy scalpel incisions. AT&T must be laughing all the way to the bank - what a disgrace.

Two ways to contact the Governor.
Governor's office: 608-266-1212
E-mail: Governor Jim Doyle (e-mail generator)


Anonymous said...

What does this mean for Democratic Party Chair Joe Weineke??

I mean he did finally leave his lobbying job for AT&T once it was going to become a "distraction."

Lou Kaye said...

I don't what how Joe Wineke figures into the picture now, but that's worth some scrutiny.

I'm more concerned about the new majority leader Decker. If the capitulation on the Video Competition Act is any semblance to this supposedly "tough negotiations" direction and battle hardened partisanship they ousted Robson with, Republicans will not be alone undermining the future for honest good government in Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

OH don't worry about your girl Judy, she will be fine. She is not only wanting to stop people from smoking in public, but wants to dictate the type of cigs you can smoke.

Maybe if she is not busy later she can come over to my house and wipe my ass, god knows she does not think we can even do that on our own. She can run a no dingleberry campaign.

Judy is old and tired I honeslty could care if it is another Dummocrat just as long as my Mom gets out of office

Anonymous said...

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha......smoking stunts your growth....and it stinks like your unwiped behind. Quit smoking.

Those tough-as-nails republicans never could deal with a tired old hag democrat like Judy-judy, huh?

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