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Friday, March 02, 2007

Oil Profit Surge Benefits Taxpayers - Maybe

JG Letter Excerpt:
Robson says it is a matter of people or profits (Page 7A, Feb. 20), implying profits are bad. More accurately, it is "capitalism or socialism." Millions rely on profit to fund their retirements so we can continue to pay these taxes. The "people or profits" tact is an attempt to create class warfare so prevalent in politics today. -- Letter writer
The "capitalism or socialism" comparison is a weak attempt to muddy the real debate here. I don't recall Robson ever implying that profits are bad. I also find the reasons why some think its okay for monopolistic entities to gouge the general public for whatever the market will bear very troubling. Trying to pawn off the economics of Big Oil as supply and demand free enterprise is completely absurd. The letter writer seems adept to politics today and should know that accusing someone of class warfare is class warfare.

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