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Friday, March 09, 2007

Obey and Liberals Caught In Friendly Fire

The conversation that took place between an honorable war mom and the Honorable Rep. David Obey in a hallway clearly exposes the frustration and misunderstanding going on between those who are against the Iraq war.
Washington Post Excerpt:
"We don't have the votes for it. We do have the votes if you guys quit screwing it up. We do have the votes to end the legal authority for the war, that's the same as de-funding it." --David Obey
It was disappointing to hear Obey refer to pro-troop anti-war activists as “idiot liberals.” But in his defense, I could only say that those opposing the war or opposing the funding of it should be questioning and confronting Republicans within the hallways of Congress instead of Democrats. They are the ones that need to be convinced they are taking the country in the wrong direction for supporting this ill-begotten war. They are the ones that need to be videotaped and scrutinized for their support of policies that have defunded our schools, VA hospitals and other domestic needs at the expense of Bush’s bloody oil war. They are the ones “screwing it up.”


Jimdaddy said...

Obey is a typical liberal democrat who got exposed. This was a woman who has a child fighting in a war and she wanted answers from this guy. She wanted to know why the democrats won't stop funding the war that they say they don't like. They want it both ways they say they are against the war and they support the troops but, if they cut off funding for the war that would make them look like they aren't supporting the troops. I think they really need to focus on winning this war and start going after the oil in Iraq. This is a war all about oil isn't it?

Lou Kaye said...

This episode confirmed everything I have been saying - this war will end only when the Republicans get in line to pull our troops out OR we need to sweep more Republicans out from the Senate in the next election.

Its refreshing to hear someone other than a Dem/lefty say exactly what our troops are fighting for.....usually it's the WMD/Terror/Liberation reason.

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