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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Gov. Doyle Projects State Surplus

This is great news for the entire state of Wisconsin. But what does the Janesville Gazette do with it? They give it a 4 inch by 4 inch spot on page three of their local section on Wednesday and top it off with a boring title. To make matters worse the Gazette in typical fashion offered no link to it from their front page sidebar to give the reader any idea that this information is inside. Not surprised at all.
Revenue increases will more than cover an estimated $1.5 billion budget shortfall over the next two years, according to a report by Gov. Doyle’s budget director.

Assuming average revenue growth which has increased by 5% a year the past twenty years, the state will collect about $1.9 billion more over the two-year budget, which will more than cover the projected deficit, said the Governor’s budget director David Schmiedicke.

More than cover the projected shortfall - I’ll say. If my math is correct the governor’s budget director has taken a projected $1.5 billion deficit and has turned it into possibly a $400 million surplus for the next two year cycle! To realize how extraordinary this announcement is, just put this in perspective with the way President Bush went ga-ga over the recently revised Federal budget deficit projections. Here the administration projected a gigantic $435 billion dollar deficit last year only to re-adjust to a lesser whopping $296 billion deficit - not a surplus by any means. Bush and Rep. Paul Ryan have suggested that the fourth largest deficit in U.S. history is the culmination of increased revenues resulting from their taxcuts to the wealthy. Time for celebration they said.

Comparing the current Bush deficit to Wisconsin’s deficit and re-figuring the $296 billion deficit to have approximately the same results Gov. Doyle accomplished through increased revenues, Bush would have to show a projected surplus of about $80 billion dollars. Don’t hold your breath. What is even more amazing is that Doyle has achieved this through a hostile legislature. Meanwhile, Bush has achieved his record breaking deficits under the guidance and approval of a rubber-stamp Congress.

Not to be forgotten in all the excitement, Gov. Doyle has also announced a healthcare taxcut that may save a family about $240 a year.

The Gazette on Thursday did finally give some ink to the governors recent announcement but downplayed the revenue increase and instead focused on the tax cut. The tax cut is welcome and will help those who pay state taxes on health insurance premiums, but it will cost the state $50 million to implement. Fortunately, Gov. Doyle can offer this tax cut because after all, he is not the candidate who wants to outlaw proposals that can lead to a larger deficit. But the tax cut is minor when compared to the potential impact the governors latest budget projections can have.


Anonymous said...

Maybe with this surplus he can cut back the ridiculus taxes we pay in this state.

Lou Kaye said...

That's why it is important that Doyle is re-elected. In Congress, Green voted for Bush budgets that have taken the country from its largest surplus in history to its biggest deficit. Imagine what he will do to Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that doyle will actually cut taxes. He's a democrat a liberal democrat at that. He likes taxes.

Lou Kaye said...

I don't blame people for thinking taxes will never be cut in Wisconsin since the residents have gotten screwed for nearly twenty years of Republican governorship. It's been so bad in the past that if we are handed a taxcut now, we think something is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Doyle cut taxes? That's the funniest thing I have heard in a long time. You can't be that blinded by the man can you? This guy is a sleaze ball who can't be trusted. He says he's cutting taxes but raises "fees". Fees are a form of tax. He has the so called surplus because he has been robbing the states general fund to pay for the social programs.

Anonymous said...

Green is the sleazeball. Republicans invented fees, tolls, deficits, pork barrels and cooked books. Did you just wake up from 30 year nap?

Anonymous said...

Doyle "projects" a surplus. Of course he does he's running for re-election.

Anonymous said...

Doyle is Mr. sleazeball. He has made Wisconsin the laughing stock of the country. Allowing the Attorney General to use a state vehicle and drive it drunk and still have her job. To completely throw ethics out the door in the name of campaign money. To give the indians a blank check, to do anything for the weac as long as they line his campaign coffers. This man is a disgrace to honest politicans.

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