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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What is Rock Netroots?

While there are a zillion social and political blogs across the web, Rock Netroots aspires to be an alternative information exchange and interactive source for commentary and opinion in addition to (not opposed) traditional sources of news for the content starved people of Rock County and collar county areas.

What makes Rock netroots any different than the others? Originally the idea was to use the power of the web to level the playing field with the mainstream media and to examine and re-edit the right-wing spin that is regularly presented instead of the fair and balanced news information people deserve. But due to economic and time constraints, my primary focus will be on the local newspapers in Rock County, and their relationship to American politics.

Founded on July 5, 2006, Rock Netroots Commentary is based in Janesville, the seat of Rock County, Wisconsin. It is not for profit and not affiliated with the local media, a political party, group or have a self-serving agenda. However, with that said, it is a democratic netroots commentary focused primarily on the corporate right-wing media and its ability to influence public opinion. Unlike some blogs, Rock Netroots does not claim to be politically neutral, but it is broadly egalitarian in principle.

The only local daily newspaper in town, the Janesville Gazette, writes editorials that are largely intense right-wing manifesto's projecting themselves as an island of conservative-leaning Republicans in what amounts to a sea of Democratic and progressive-leaning subscribers. For this reason, it is essential to counterbalance their agenda with one that is more closely aligned with the majority in the area.

Many refer to the mainstream media as "fake news" and the “corporate” media, but it is worse than that. The author of Rock Netroots believes that a majority of the mainstream media are beholden to special interests while others are manipulated by government officials, partisan editorial influence and their own self-serving agenda. No longer a public trust, as a government influenced corporate run media, it is no longer free. The difference between Internet/Blog and mainstream news content is dramatic enough to realize that only one of them is still free, but maybe not for long.

Because of the obvious corporate right-wing nature embedded in what otherwise should be a neutral and balanced "fourth estate" presentation of current events, news and public information, the corrective measures prescribed here will appear to be left-wing. However blunt the message, it will unmistakably have a transparent bias in what should amount to a fair presentation of reality.

Rock Netroots founder Lou Kaye does not pretend to be a journalist. However, Lou has evolved autodidactically into an adept writer with authoritative knowledge in economic development, media, political art and strategy, digital communications and digital graphics.

An ordinary but deeply concerned citizen who happens to be an economic conservative (as opposed to neoliberal economics), a progressive social liberal, environmentalist and yes oddly, a Christian. Although Lou will fiercely defend democratic ideals and support the democratic platform, he will not blindly support wayward democrats, fake progressives or corrupt politicians. Lou's role at Rock netroots is not to mediate or edit, but to interact, learn from and help others who strive for the same ideals for positive change. Lou Kaye encourages visitors to analyze and challenge the foundational principles that shape and support his blog posts.

Site content excluding copyrighted material may be used for any purpose without explicit permission unless otherwise specified. Repeated and nuisance rants meant to disrupt will be deleted.

Kaye is also the owner and creator of the first Wisconsin Solidarity state map fist image.

In conclusion, Rock Netroots is a media watch blog, a government watch blog for reform and a democratic blog all wrapped in one. It welcomes all visitors to engage in grassroots commentary focusing primarily on the mainstream media’s efforts to influence public opinion. As the ideological differences between the parties become more evident and grow wider with every passing day, the battle for the country may very well be fought right here, in the netroots. It is a place for all people, the newspaper subscribers, radio listeners and the voters to counterbalance the spin, write the wrongs and perhaps, act as a springboard to build a better tomorrow.

Respect is all that is asked in return.

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