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True Colors Legend of Symbols

FJ$ Key member of Forward Janesville
FJ+ Member of Forward Janesville
FJ- Not a member of Forward Janesville

Member of Rock County 5.0. This group is a self-appointed business cartel possessing an inside track to local government. It is comprised of the area's wealthy establishment elitists.

- 4 teabags. A flaming politically active in-your-face supporter of arrogant and ideologically rigid class war corporate politicians. Major qualifier: Contributed financially to Scott Walker in any amount OR contributed more than $2,000 to GOP candidates during last election cycle. (Post 2008 election cycle)

- 3 teabags. A politically active supporter of the standard corporate GOP. Major qualifier: Contributed $500 or more to local or statewide GOP candidates during last election cycle but did not contribute to Scott Walker.

- 2 teabags. A dependable but less active financial contributor of the standard corporate boilerplate GOP platform. Major qualifier: Contributed less than $500 to local GOP candidates or be a key member of the GOP corporate command.

- 1 teabag. Sideline cheerleader of right-wing corporatist principles but may require peer pressure to contribute financially. Major qualifier: $249 or less.

- Rainbow. A business or institution that contributes minimally to political candidates but without undermining the basic principles of good government.

- Pot O'Gold. A business or institution that makes no attempt to undermine society or government. It must openly support society and our founder's free market democratic principles built on the rule of law, equality and justice for all. Recent history of contributions to GOP candidates will obviously be an automatic disqualifier.

True Colors Mission Statement: “I (We) believe business exists to support society. When instead business undermines society’s basic principles, then we each must choose as consumers and citizens whether or not to tolerate it with continued financial support through our purchases or B2B transactions.”