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Links To Solidarity

The following is a collection of article links and notes from around the Web of folks who integrated the Wisconsin Solidarity Map image into their perspective of the latest events happening in our state of Wisconsin.

Cover for May/June, 2011 issue of Dollars and Sense Magazine.

Bug House Square Wisconsin Is the Movement We've Been Waiting For

WSAU News Wisconsin becomes ground zero on labor rights

Carrie Cann Blog Solidarity with you - Go dems

Hear us Now Wisconsin Solidarity In Colorado

Provencial Daily Dose Wisconsin Solidarity Rally and Ocean State Action Potluck

A Man With a Phd Creative Image of Wisconsin
The ability of average citizens to create and distribute such material, without having to ask permission from anyone, can have a catalyzing effect on the democratic impulse. People who have felt disenfranchised from the power structures of a country can find a way to route around those roadblocks and have a huge effect.

The new technologies allow the creativity and innovation of individuals to spread throughout a region in ways that were not possible even a few years ago. They create an adaptive and resilient source of community information that can move much more rapidly that the tools of the 20th Century allow. more >>>

Vannevar Blog Wisconsin State Shaped Icons

SEIU Image used for solidarity rally for Wisconsin workers.

Philip's Many Thoughts Peaceful Protesters and Reformers

Work Day Minnesota Image appeared in sidebar

A high-five goes out to Dan Hartung and family from here in Janesville, Wisconsin for their Solidarity poster.

UFCW 400 Slideshow
Slideshow may no longer be available

MoveOn Call For Action
Solidarity image appeared on letter for action sign-up

Politics Down and Dirty Stand with Wisconsin

Perfect Duluth Day On Wisconsin

Neil Young News I'm proud to be a Union
Neil Young Fans blog

DailyKosWisconsin Senate Democrats ready for a long fight
Let's help them out

Soda Head Post

The Reaction On Wisconsin

Credo Action Campaign - We Support Wisconsin

Mother Jones Slideshow (appeared in main page slideshow)

Mother Jones Article "What's happening In Wisconsin Explained"

At The DuPont Circle Rally In D.C.

A special thank you to Edward Kimmel of Takoma Park, Maryland for the beautiful work on his large Solidarity poster.

Hong Pong Solidarity Wisconsin!

Blue Kansas Blog Arkansas Progressive Democrats

US Students Students In Solidarity With Wisconsin

Oak Creek Forum sidebar image

The Blue highway
Image set to University of Wisconsin Marching Band
playing “On Wisconsin.”

Maximum Rock n' Roll Raising The Stakes In Wisconsin

Solidarity Wisconsin Dis dat and de udder ting

UVURSU Solidarity With Wisconsin

Science Blogs Stand Up Wisconsin

Square State High Noon in Solidarity With Wisconsin

Cognitive Dissonance (Tumbler) On Wisconsin - two days of footage

My dad was an organizer for AFSCME and president of the local chapter over the course of nearly 30 years in Ohio - another area rising up. I want to be in Wisconsin so bad right now. This gives me hope that the working class is not dead and is becoming conscious of its existence as a class.

If I missed anyone it was unintentional. Let me know if you'd like to be added to this page as it will be a continuing work in progress.

The Map For America’s Future Begins In Wisconsin
"we don't put crosshairs on ours"

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