Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Asking PBS To Pursue Citizen Koch Documentary Is "As Goes Nowhere"

I just received the email response from PBS Audience Services about my request asking them to pursue the documentary "Citizen Koch" for broadcasting distribution. Basically, they sent a canned response explaining that the public television system is comprised of a wide array of organizations, producers and distributors and is independently owned, operated and blah, blah, blah. And this ...

The Independent Television Service (ITVS), which funds, presents and promotes documentaries and dramas for public television and cable networks, was the organization that was in discussion with the makers of the film “Citizen Koch.” ITVS did not submit the film to PBS for consideration.

The email also contained a link to the ITVS Response to the recent New Yorker article describing public television’s attempts to placate David Koch. In their response, they waffle around with a series of meaningless production statements and finally claim that they ceased negotiations to move forward with the documentary because its filmmakers shifted away from the editorial direction as described in their written proposal.

End of story.

So, what effort can we expect from PBS or ITVS to schedule "Citizen Koch" for public broadcasting?


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